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Tracking Parameters

Find available tracking parameters/tokens for setting up integration with AdaviceDSP and receiving detailed statistics.

Get all the needed details about each conversion with the help of tracking parameters or tokens. By setting up the tracking with AdaviceDSP you would be able to check the statistics in the Reporting panel and easily optimize your results.

Integrate with AdaviceDSP by adding the postback URL: http://rtb.adx1.com/log?action=conversion&key=[CLICK_ID]
Find out more about tracking and available options in the Tracking Guide.

The available tracking parameters/tokens:

[CLICK_ID] - returns a unique click ID (for conversion tracking)
[SUB_LIST_ID] - returns a unique Subscriber list ID/Source ID
[PUBLISHER_ID] - returns a unique ID of the publisher that can contain several websites
[SITE_ID] - returns a unique website ID
[BID_PRICE] - returns winning price of the click
[CAMPAIGN_ID] - returns a unique campaign ID in our system
[CAMPAIGN_NAME] - returns a campaign name
[CREATIVE_ID] - returns a unique creative ID
[COUNTRY] - returns a country name
[COUNTRY_CODE] - returns a 3-letter country code
[REGION] - returns a region name
[CITY] - returns a city name
[OS] - returns an OS name and version
[OS_ONLY] - returns an OS name
[OS_VER] - returns an OS version
[USERAGENT] - returns a browser user agent string
[IP] - returns a user's IP
[USER_ID] - returns a unique ID of the visitor
[RANDOM_NUMBER] - ensures that a fresh call is made to the ad server every time the code is executed

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